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Your membership has allowed you to save the following on our  2023 events:

  • Board Member Discount for AHK Wine Tasting.

  • Free Bus ride to Golf Outing

  • Members-only Irish Book Club

  • $10 Discount for Sunday Funday at Gaelic Park

  • Free Showing of FOE*

*Limited tickets provided by third party, first come, first serve.


book club

Come and be a part of the IFC Book & Movie Club! Our club is dedicated to exploring the works of Irish and Irish-American authors and directors while fostering engaging discussions about the works along the way.


Our aim is to establish an inclusive and welcoming social environment for all members residing in the Chicagoland area, extending beyond just the city itself. Together, we will collectively decide on our reading selections, meeting frequency, meeting locations, and discussion formats.

To kick off the eerie season, we've selected a thrilling murder mystery novel as our inaugural read.


Our first book is none other than "The Searcher" by the talented Tana French. Join us in this literary adventure!

Past membership offers

New to YIFC membership? Check out past perks that have been a part of YIFC membership. 

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