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Join us in making a meaningful impact on lives around the world. With our convenient and secure online donation platform, you can contribute to our cause year-round and empower positive change.

Every day, countless individuals face adversity and struggle to meet their basic needs. At Young Irish Fellowship Club, we believe that together, we can create a brighter future by raising money for our charity partners.

Why choose Young Irish Fellowship Club for your online donations? Here's why:

  1. Transparent and Accountable: We value your trust and strive for complete transparency in our operations. We are committed to ensuring that every dollar you donate is utilized efficiently.

  2. Lasting Impact: Your donation has the power to transform lives and communities in Chicago for the better. For more information on the work our charity partners do visit our Charity Page.

  3. Flexibility: We understand that everyone's circumstances are different. That's why we offer various giving options to suit your preferences. Choose from one-time donations, sponsorships and events.

  4. Year-Round Impact: Our work doesn't stop when the headlines fade away. With your continuous support, we can tackle challenges year-round and provide ongoing assistance to those in need, ensuring a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Ready to make a difference? Join us in our mission to uplift lives and create lasting change. Your contribution, no matter the size, makes an invaluable impact. Together, we can build a world where hope thrives and compassion knows no bounds.

Donate today and become an agent of change with Young Irish. Thank you for your generosity and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

To view or download our  club's W-9 for your personal records click the shamrock below!

Annual Sponsors

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