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Professional Mentorship Program 


The Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago is excited to announce a new mentorship program for our members.


Over the past few years Irish college students, upon graduation are applying for a one year J1 visa to work in the U.S. This visa:

  • Allows them to work in a paid internship for one year

  • Within an industry that is related to their college degree.

  • Is approved and legally sponsored for the duration of the year by a U.S. firm.


We are offering our members an opportunity to become an industry mentor to an Irish graduate student based in Chicago as part of our Professional Mentor Program.


Being a part of the Young Irish Professional Mentor Program would involve the following:

  • An informal meeting with the Irish graduate to review their resume.

  • Attending an industry networking event, should the opportunity arise

  • Offering tips or recommendations on securing an internship.


The mentorship program does not require you to offer employment to an Irish graduate, it is designed primarily to maintain the strong ties between Ireland and the United States and promote the Young Irish Fellowship Club as a networking resource.


If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new program, please e-mail; your name, job title and industry that you work in to . Young Irish will contact you in the future when an Irish Graduate approaches us for networking help within your industry.