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Annual Halloween Party

Get ready for a spine-tingling Halloween bash on Friday, October 27th, starting at 8 pm and haunting on until 11 pm at Kincades! Join us for a ghoulishly good time, complete with exclusive wristband deals that will give you chills and a spooktacular costume contest with fa-boo-lous prizes!

Halloween Party

An Irish ghost story
the White Lady of Kinsale

In the 17th century, during the tumultuous English Civil War, Kinsale was a strategically important port town in Ireland. It was a time of great conflict and division, as English forces and Irish rebels clashed frequently in the region. Amid this backdrop of turmoil, a tragic love story emerged that would give birth to the legend of the White Lady.

Lady Margaret Hodnett, the daughter of a local Irish nobleman, was renowned for her exceptional beauty and grace. She lived with her family in a grand estate overlooking the picturesque Kinsale Harbor. One fateful day, while exploring the town, Lady Margaret met and fell deeply in love with a young English officer stationed in Kinsale. Their love was passionate and forbidden due to the prevailing tensions between the English and Irish.

Desperate to be together, Lady Margaret and her English suitor hatched a plan to elope. They decided to meet in secret at a secluded spot near the harbor where they could escape together. However, the evening they had chosen for their rendezvous was stormy and treacherous. As Lady Margaret set out in a small boat to reach her lover, tragedy struck. The boat capsized in the raging waters of Kinsale Harbor, and Lady Margaret drowned before she could reach her beloved.

Heartbroken and devastated by the loss of his true love, the English officer left Kinsale, forever haunted by the memory of that ill-fated night.

It is said that Lady Margaret's spirit never found peace after her untimely death. She is believed to have become the White Lady, a ghostly figure who roams the shores of Kinsale Harbor. Her appearance is described as a spectral woman dressed in a flowing white gown, her ghostly presence often spotted on stormy nights as she wanders along the water's edge, forever searching for her lost love.

The legend of the White Lady of Kinsale has been passed down through generations, and her ghostly apparitions are said to serve as a haunting reminder of the tragic love and the turbulent historical period in which she lived.

Happy Halloween!

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